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[texts]Observations on a collection of Papuan crania (Volume Fieldiana, Anthropology, v. 2, no.1) - Dorsey, George Amos, 1868-1931
Fieldiana series has been published as Anthropological Series by Field Columbian Museum (1895-1909) and Field Museum of Natural History (1909-1943), and as Fieldiana: Anthropology by Chicago Natural History Museum (1945-1966) and Field Museum of Natural History (1966-)
Keywords: Craniology -- New Guinea
Downloads: 504
[texts]Observations on Indiana caves (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.1, No.8) - Farrington, Oliver C. (Oliver Cummings), 1864-1933
Wyandotte Cave -- Marengo Cave -- Shiloh Cave -- Coan's Cave
Keywords: Caves -- Indiana
Downloads: 586
[texts]Observations on the habits of some solitary wasps of Texas - Hartman, Carl Gottfried, 1879-1968
Read before the Texas academy of science, June 8, 1904
Keywords: Wasps
Downloads: 246
[texts]Occurrence of Radiolaria in the Mississippian of Arkansas (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.16, No.9) - Nigrini, Catherine
Includes bibliographical references (p. 266-268)
Keywords: Radiolaria, Fossil -- Arkansas; Paleontology -- Mississippian; Paleontology -- Arkansas
Downloads: 431
[texts]Occurrence of the alligatoroid genus Allognathosuchus in the Lower Oligocene (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.4, No.6) - Patterson, Bryan, 1909-1979
Includes bibliographical references throughout
Keywords: Paleontology -- Oligocene; Paleontology -- South Dakota
Downloads: 364
[texts]Old Akkadian inscriptions in Chicago Natural History Museum; texts of legal and business interest (Volume Fieldiana, Anthropology, v.44, no.2) - Gelb, Ignace Jay, 1907-1985
Includes bibliographical references (p. 336-338) and indices
Keywords: Cuneiform inscriptions
Downloads: 1,969
[texts]Old-fashioned garden flowers (Volume Fieldiana, Popular Series, Botany, no. 19) - Peattie, Donald Culross, 1898-1964
Fieldiana, Popular series, Botany, was published by Field Museum of Natural History, Dept. of Botany as Leaflet (no. 1-9, 1922-1924), and as Botany leaflet (no. 10-25, 1924-1940), and by Chicago Natural History Museum as Popular series: Botany (no. 26-27, 1947-1950)
Keywords: Flowers; Sierplanten
Downloads: 1,479
[texts]Oligocene sedimentation, stratigraphy, paleoecology and paleoclimatology in the big Badlands of South Dakota (Volume Fieldiana, Geology Memoirs, vol. 5) - Clark, John, 1909-1967
Bibliography: p. 144-146
Keywords: Geology, Stratigraphic -- Oligocene; Paleoecology; Paleoclimatology -- Badlands (S.D. and Neb.); Geology -- Badlands (S.D. and Neb.)
Downloads: 1,658
[texts]On certain portions of the skeleton of Protostega gigas (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.1, no. 2) - Hay, Oliver Perry, 1846-1930

Keywords: Prostostega
Downloads: 500
[texts]On non-marine shells from Northeastern Brazil and Peru (Volume Volume 37, number 10) - Haas, Fritz
Includes bibliographical references (p. 337)
Keywords: Mollusks -- Peru; Mollusks -- Brazil
Downloads: 465
[texts]On some collections of fishes made in the Kankakee and Illinois Rivers (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.1, no. 3) - Hay, Oliver Perry, 1846-1930

Keywords: Fishes -- United States
Downloads: 338
[texts]On some new non-marine mollusks from Colombia and Peru (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.44, no.25) - Haas, Fritz, 1886-
Bibliographical footnotes
Keywords: Mollusks -- Colombia; Kionoptyx; Mollusks -- Peru
Downloads: 498
[texts]On some phyllocarids and the origin of the Hoplocarida (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.26, No.2) - Schram, Frederick R., 1943-
Includes bibliographical references (p. 93-94)
Keywords: Leptostraca, Fossil
Downloads: 435
[texts]On some small collections of inland shells from South America (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.34, no.35) - Haas, Fritz, 1886-1969
Bound with no.1-34, 36-42 of v.34, the Chicago Natural History Museum zoological series
Keywords: Mollusks -- South America
Downloads: 473
[texts]On sundry collections of mammals received by the Field Columbian Museum from different localities, with descriptions of supposed new species and sub-species (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.1, no.3) - Elliot, Daniel Giraud, 1835-1915

Keywords: Mammals
Downloads: 308
[texts]On the classification of the histerid beetles (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.28, no.2) - Wenzel, Rupert Leon, 1915-
"References": p. 149-151
Keywords: Histeridae
Downloads: 515
[texts]On the Clausiliidae of Palestine (Volume Volume 31, number 45) - Haas, Georg, 1905-
"References": p. 502
Keywords: Clausiliidae; Mollusks -- Palestine
Downloads: 444
[texts]On the head of the macropetalichthyids, with certain remarks on the head of the other arthrodires (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.4, No.4) - Stensiƶ, Erik Andersson, 1891-
Includes bibliographical references (p. 191-197)
Keywords: Macropetalichthys; Arthrodira; Head
Downloads: 462
[texts]On the mollusk fauna of the land-locked waters of Bermuda (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.34, no.8) - Haas, Fritz, 1886-1969
Bound with no.1-7, 9-42 of v.34, the Chicago Natural History Museum
Keywords: Mollusks -- Bermuda Islands
Downloads: 667
[texts]On the nature of the holotype of Nipterella paradoxica (Billings) (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.16, No.11) - Nitecki, Matthew H
The holotype of Nipterella paradoxica (Billings), based on Calathium paradoxicum Billings, 1865, is not a sponge but a cherty concretion. The name Nipterella paradoxica is thus a nomen nudum and should be rejected
Keywords: Nipterella paradoxica; Paleontology -- Ordovician; Paleontology -- QuƩbec (Province) Mingan Islands
Downloads: 277
[texts]On the nomenclature of certain whales (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.39, no.49) - Hershkovitz, Philip
Includes bibliographical references
Keywords: Zoology -- Nomenclature; Whales
Downloads: 702
[texts]On the osteology of Nyctosaurus (Nyctodactylus), with notes on American pterosaurs (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.2, No.3) - Williston, Samuel Wendell, 1851-1918
Includes bibliographical references throughout
Keywords: Nyctosaurus
Downloads: 615
[texts]On the phyletic weight of mensural cranial characters in chipmunks and their allies (Rodentia:Sciuridae) (Volume Fieldiana Zoology new series, no.20) - Patterson, Bruce D
Bibliography: p. 22-24
Keywords: Morphology (Animals); Sciuridae -- Morphology
Downloads: 464
[texts]On the skeleton of Toxochelys latiremis (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.1, no. 5) - Hay, Oliver Perry, 1846-1930

Keywords: Toxochelys
Downloads: 475
[texts]On the status and relations of Crocodylus mindorensis (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.33, no.5) - Schmidt, Karl Patterson, 1890-1957
Bibliography: p. 539
Keywords: Philippine Zoological Expedition, 1946-1947; Crocodiles
Downloads: 386
[texts]On the structure and development of the vertebral column of Amia (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.1, no. 1) - Hay, Oliver Perry, 1846-1930
Bibliography: p. 52-54
Keywords: Amia; Spine
Downloads: 417
[texts]Oraibi natal customs and ceremonies (Volume Fieldiana, Anthropology, v. 6, no.2) - Voth, H. R. (Henry R.), 1855-1931
Fieldiana series has been published as Anthropological Series by Field Columbian Museum (1895-1909), Field Museum of Natural History (1909-1943), and as Fieldiana: Anthropology by Chicago Natural History Museum (1945-1966), and Field Museum of Natural History (1966-)
Keywords: Indians of North America -- Social life and customs; Hopi Indians
Downloads: 513
[texts]Orchids of Guatemala (Volume Fieldiana. Botany series v. 26, no. 2) - Ames, Oakes, 1874-1950

Keywords: Orchids -- Guatemala
Downloads: 1,602
[texts]Orchids of Guatemala (Volume Fieldiana. Botany series v. 26, no. 1) - Ames, Oakes, 1874-1950

Keywords: Orchids -- Guatemala
Downloads: 2,161
[texts]Orchids of Peru (Volume Fieldiana. Botany series v. 30, no. 4) - Schweinfurth, Charles, 1890-1970

Keywords: Orchids -- Peru
Downloads: 1,473
[texts]Orchids of Peru (Volume Fieldiana. Botany series v. 30, no. 2) - Schweinfurth, Charles, 1890-1970

Keywords: Orchids -- Peru
Downloads: 1,278
[texts]Orchids of Peru (Volume Fieldiana. Botany series v. 30, no. 1) - Schweinfurth, Charles, 1890-1970

Keywords: Orchids -- Peru
Downloads: 1,382
[texts]Orchids of Peru (Volume Fieldiana. Botany series v. 30, no. 3) - Schweinfurth, Charles, 1890-1970

Keywords: Orchids -- Peru
Downloads: 1,609
[texts]Ordovician Batophoreae (Dasycladales) from Michigan (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.35, No.4) - Nitecki, Matthew H
Archaeobatophora typa n. g. and sp. of the Upper Ordovician, Richmondian Big Hill Limestone from Delta County, Michigan, is described as a member of the Dasycladaceae. Although this alga is only weakly calcified along its main axis, its morphology is unusually well preserved and allows assignment to the extant tribe Batophoreae
Keywords: Archaeobatophora typa; Paleobotany -- Ordovician; Paleobotany -- Michigan Delta County
Downloads: 494
[texts]Ordovician Receptaculites camacho n. sp. from Argentina (Volume Vol 37, No. 5) - Nitecki, Matthew H
An Early Ordovician green alga, Receptaculites camacho n. sp., from the San Juan Formation in Talacasto Gorge, San Juan Province, Argentina is a probable ancestor of Receptaculites oweni of the Galena-Kimmswick (Caradocian?) of North America. Analogy with recent calcareous green algae suggests that R. camacho inhabited warm, shallow, marine water. A paleomagnetic reconstruction of mid-Ordovician continental configurations places the North and South American localities of R...
Keywords: Paleobotany -- Argentina; Paleobotany -- Ordovician; Algae, Fossil
Downloads: 466
[texts]Ordovician vertebrates from Western United States (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.16, No.6) - Denison, Robert H. (Robert Howland), 1911-1985
Includes bibliographical references (p. 188-192)
Keywords: Vertebrates, Fossil -- West (U.S.); Paleontology -- Ordovician; Paleontology -- West (U.S.)
Downloads: 388
[texts]Organic buildups in the Lower Ordovician (Canadian) of Texas and Oklahoma (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, new series, no. 2) - Toomey, Donald F
Contains abstract (p. v-vi)
Keywords: Sponges, Fossil; Algae, Fossil; Paleontology -- Oklahoma; Paleontology -- Texas; Paleontology -- Ordovician
Downloads: 724
[texts]Ornithological notes from Point Barrow, Alaska (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.29, no.12) - Bishop, Louis Bennett, 1865-
"References": p. 190
Keywords: Birds -- Alaska Barrow, Point
Downloads: 533
[texts]Orthoptera from Iraq and Iran (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.20, no.33) - Uvarov, Boris Petrovich, Sir, 1888-

Keywords: Orthoptera -- Iraq; Orthoptera -- Iran
Downloads: 899
[texts]Osteology of Simosaurus gaillardoti and the relationships of stem-group Sauropterygia (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, new series, no. 28) - Rieppel, Olivier
Simosaurus gaillardoti H.v. Meyer, 1842, is recognized as the only species of its genus. An amended diagnosis of the genus is given here. Simosaurus mougeoti H.v. Meyer, 1842, is a lower jaw of Nothosaurus; Simosaurus guilielmi H.v. Meyer, 1847-1855, is a junior synonym of Simosaurus gaillardoti. The skeletal morphology of Simosaurus is redescribed in detail and compared to that of other stem-group (non plesio- and pliosaur) Sauropterygia (including Placodus)...
Keywords: Sauropterygia -- Phylogeny; Simosaurus gaillardoti -- Morphology
Downloads: 806
[texts]Osteology of the extant North American fishes of the genus Hiodon Lesueur, 1818 (Teleostei: Osteoglossomorpha: Hiodontiformes) (Volume Fieldiana Zoology new series, no.100) - Hilton, Eric J
Includes bibliographical references (p. 135-142)
Keywords: Fish remains (Archaeology); Osteoglossidae -- Anatomy
Downloads: 900
[texts]Osteology, function, and evolution of the Trematopsid (Amphibia: Labyrinthodontia) nasal region (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.33, No.2) - Bolt, John R., 1940-
Includes bibliographical references (p. 29-30)
Keywords: Trematopsidae; Skull
Downloads: 434
[texts]Ostrich egg-shell cups of Mesopotamia and the ostrich in ancient and modern times (Volume Fieldiana, Popular Series, Anthropology, no. 24) - Laufer, Berthold, 1874-1934
Includes bibliographical references (p. 51)
Keywords: Ostriches; Drinking vessels; Oriental antiquities; Animals in art; Eggs; Struisvogels; Eieren; Beeldende kunsten
Downloads: 2,836
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